Herban Honey is a collective of urban apiarists that tend bees in urban communal gardens in Greater Boston and beyond.


The lineage of Boston beekeepers at the Leland Street Community Garden in Jamaica Plain spans 15 years.  The latest apiarist duo to share the hive space at the garden were Sadie Richards and Addy Smith-Reiman.  Our approach to keeping bees in an urban communal community garden is focused on educating the local community about urban beekeeping in a public place.  Our first summer we hosted numerous workshops, maintained an ever-growing  informative bee-mail list-serv, an outdoor film screening and a host of other bee-related garden activities.

In late 2013 Addy moved to Pittsburgh, PA and set up her hives at a communal garden near her new home. In 2014 Sadie moved to Melrose, MA and brought her bees with her. With these moves came a transition for Herban Honey, as we branched out from our original apiary site and namesake, expanding to new apiary sites beyond Boston.

If you are an urban beekeeper tending hives in a shared public space interested in joining us our decentralized network please get in touch (see the Contact Form on the Products of the Hive page).