Cuisine en Locale teams up with Harvard Square’s Follow The Honey, Inc.and Soon Spoon on Wednesday, July 23 to produce a 10-course culinary journey through 10+ Massachusetts apiaries, including Herban Honey from Sadie’s Leland hives! 

Commune with local bees and their stewards in peak summer with local honey harvests for 10 nectar-ific courses, with bee education and bee entertainment throughout the evening, including a “bee bearding” by performance artist Sarah Paterson and Carlisle Honey beekeeper Rick Reault; a mellifluous performance from honey-tongued Cambridge Poet Populist Emeritas, Toni Bee, and a Best Bees live hive observation, among other buzzworthy surprises.

Oh, and dress to impress: best “Yellow Is The New Black” costume wins a private after-hours tasting for 6 at Follow The Honey.

The Menu

  • Event sponsor Green River Ambrosia Mead-Poached Sea Scallops
  • Honey-Drizzled Duck Paté Croquembouche 
  • Sticky Honey BBQ Stillman Lamb Ribs 
  • Honeyed Pork Shoulder Arepas
  • Poulet en Pot de Miel with Lemon Verbena-Kissed Summer Veg Melange
  • Propolis-Dusted Lamb Belly MassMex Tacos
  • Vanilla-Calamintha-Bee Pollen Lobster Heaven
  • Honeycomb Crown Roast of Beef w/African Blue Basil Salad
  • Summer Blueberry Honey Sorbet
  • Chilled Cucumber Soup with Honeyed Sophia’s Yogurt
  • Strawberry Oatcake with Lemon Balm Honey Marscapone
  • Sopapilla Snack

 Stay tuned for the honey-inspired drink menu.

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