This is my favorite time of the year as I welcome the crisp weather, the start of sweater season, and all things apple!

Mavis is bracing for the cold as well!  I just had a quick inspection on Sunday and sure enough – with my supplemental feeding – the honey supply is being replenished.  It’s not at the capacity I’d like – so I will continue to feed the 2:1 until it gets too cold for liquids – and then it’s on to fondant!

I am happy to say that there was no more evidence of the wax moth!  That’s a sign of a strong hive – and the ladies look really healthy!

I will be visiting the hives more frequently as I need to keep an eye on their honey production, intruders and pests, and general well-being heading in to the winter.  These visits will be quick – especially if it’s cold – as I don’t want to disturb the temperature of the hive.  At some point I’ll do a major fall inspection and winter prep – and if you haven’t been to the hive this might be the best time.  I’ll keep you posted!

Lastly – a side-note: I am happy to say Sadie and I will be part of a Bee-Extravaganza at Boston University this winter as part of the curated program of the Inflatable Beehive ( in the exhibit Alternative Visions/Sustainable Futures.  Other participants will include Dean and Ramona of Bee Unto Others (and the apiarists at the Victory Gardens), Ron Breland and his dodecahedron hives (, the BU Beekeepers Club, SkyHive, and a few others!  Dates tbd – but it will be sometime in late February/early March!  We’re looking forward to representing The Leland Community Garden!  More info to follow!

In the meantime – stay warm – and be well!