I HAVE EGGS!  While I thought my Queen was acting a little ‘lazy lady’ – she is finally doing what she does best…laying eggs.   And I love her for it!  I was so worried – two weeks w/out eggs – but I have learned there’s a gestation period – and she must have just returned from her virgin flight when I photographed her on 7/28 – after she mated with god-only-knows how many drones (some Queens mate with up to 15!) – and now she’s filling up the comb!  Wheh – looks like I will have a fantastic fall season after all!

eggs 8.11.12

The eggs look like rice – and the queen places them perfectly in the center (see attached) – they’re hard to spot at first – but once you know what to look for it gets pretty easy!

some highlighted eggs

Sunny thoughts on a warm summer day!